Invited Talk

Khoa Le
University of Western Sydney, Australia

Dr Khoa N Le joined the University of Western Sydney School of Engineering as a Senior Lecturer in July 2009. He is currently the Head of Program of Engineering (Computer, Electrical and Telecommunications). He received his PhD from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia in October 2002. He was a Lecturer in the Griffith School of Engineering at Griffith University, visiting professor for the Intelligence Signal Processing Laboratory at Korea University in Seoul (Korea) and for Wireless Communication Centre at the University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia. In June 2009, he was invited to give a series of seminars on his latest research at the College of Engineering, Korea University, Seoul. He published several journal articles and conference papers. His main research interests are wireless communications with applications to structural problems, image processing and wavelet theory. His main research aim is to conduct multi-disciplinary research across a wide range of different fields .He is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

John R Rankin
La Trobe University, Australia

John R Rankin is the Head of the ACRI Games Technology Laboratory and working as Senior Lecturer in La Trobe University, Australia. He completed B.Sc Hons in Monash University and Ph.D. in University of Adelaide. His areas of research are Games Technology and Computer Graphics methods. He published Text Book “Computer Graphics Software Construction Prentice Hall”, 1989. He is the Editor-in-chief for “International Journal of Computer Graphics & Animation (IJCGA)”. He got the award of Australian Commonwealth Scholarship. His work experiences were Systems Programmer in WA Institute of Technology, Operations Researcher in Ford Motor Company, Senior Analyst Programmer in Australian Totalizator Limited, Lecturer in Computer Science in RMIT and at present Senior Lecturer in LaTrobe University, Australia.