Current Issue

September 2015, Volume 3, Number 3

Special Issue : Second International Conference on Education (EDU 2015)

Organising Subject Material in Accordance with Ubiquitous Student Status  [Pdf
Anandi Giridharan and Pallapa Venkataram, Indian Institute of Science, India

Predictors of Teacher Collaboration and on the Job Effectiveness  [Pdf
Ozoh, Michael. C. and A. A. Ladan, Federal University of Education Zaria, Nigeria

Assessing The Psychological Disposition of College Students on Functional Education and National Development in Nigeria  [Pdf
A. A. Ladan, Federal University of Education Zaria, Nigeria

Regular Issue

A Religious Education in Uzbekistan under Soviet Imperialism. A Secular Based Approach  [Pdf
Riyaz Ahmad Sheikh, University of Kashmir, India

Pahlavi's the Pioneers of Education in Iran: A Study of Reza Shah  [Pdf
G.N.Khaki and Mohd Altaf Bhat, University of Kashmir, India

Impact of Business Intelligence on Employee Knowledgesharing in Jordanian Telecommunication Company  [Pdf
Abdel Rahim M.Zabadi1 and Mohammad Saleem Alshura2, 1University of Business & Technology College of Engineering & Information Technology, Saudi Arabia and 2The world Islamic sciences & Education University, Jordan

June 2015, Volume 3, Number 2

Enrolment of Tribal Girls in Secondary Schools of Odisha  [Pdf
Lokanath Mishra, Principal Vivek college of Education, India

A University-Industry Collaboration Case Study: Intel Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection Capstone Design Projects  [Pdf
Vincent Chang1, Bohua Gan1, Guanying Wang1, Xiuli Pan1, Guan Wang1, Naihai Zou2 and Fleming Feng2, 1Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, China and 2Intel Asia-Pacific Research and Development Ltd, China

March 2015, Volume 3, Number 1

Trend in Influences on Career Choice in Quantity Surveying and Its Implications  [Pdf
Samuel Ekung1 and Ejike Okonkwo2, 1University of Salford, United Kingdom and 2University of Uyo, Nigeria