Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

TOP 10 Most Cited Papers

Network & Communications

1. Delay-Power Performance Comparison Of Multipliers In Vlsi Circuit Design
Sumit Vaidya and Deepak Dandekar
July 2010 | Cited by 63
2. Ubiquitous smart home system using android application
Shiu Kumar
January 2014 | Cited by 30
3. Using DSR for routing multimedia traffic in MANETs
Ronald Beaubrun and Badji Molo
January 2010 | Cited by 25
4. Impact of Mobility Models on Multi-Path Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Nicholas Cooperand Natarajan Meghanathan
January 2010 | Cited by 22
5. Network Mobility Support Scheme on PMIPv6 Networks
Hyo-Beom Lee, Youn-Hee Han and Sung-Gi Min
September 2010 | Cited by 21
6. Effect Of Temperature On The Performance Of A Cylindrical Microstrip Printed Antenna For Tm01mode Using Different Substrates
A. Elrashidi , K. Elleithy and Hassan Bajwa
September 2011 | Cited by 21
7. A Reliable and Energy Efficient Transport Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Kamal Kumar Sharma, Ram Bahadur Patel, Harbhajan Singh
September 2010 | Cited by 19
8. Investigate the Performance Evaluation of IPTV Over WiMAX Networks
Jamil M. Hamodi and Ravindra C. Thool
January 2013 | Cited by 18
9. A Cluster Based Replication Architecture for Load Balancing in Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution
S.Ayyasamy and S.N. Sivanandam
September 2010 | Cited by 17
10. The Affects of Different Queuing Algorithms within the Router on QoS VoIP application Using OPNET
Hussein A. Mohammed, Adnan Hussein Ali and Hawraa Jassim Mohammed
January 2013 | Cited by 16