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Accepted Papers

A New Improved Weighted Association Rule Mining with Dynamic Programming Approach for Predicting a User's Next Access
S.A.Sahaaya Arul Mary1 and M.Malarvizhi2, 1Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology, India and 2J.J. College of Engineering and Technology, India
Applying Analytics Beyond Education: A Data Mining Approach
Rashmita Jena,Chinmaya Sahu and Rajeev Ranjan, National Institute of Science and Technology,India
Integrating Naive Bayes and K-Means Clustering with Different Initial Centroid Selection Methods in the Diagnosis of Heart Disease Patients
Mai Shouman, Tim Turner and Rob Stocker, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy Northcott Drive, Canberra
Legal Documents Clustering and Summarization using Hierarchical Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Ravi kumar V and K. Raghuveer, The National Institute of Engineering, India
Web Usage Mining: Pattern Discovery and Forecasting
Jagli Dhanamma and Oswal Sangeeta, V.E.S. Institute of Technology, India
Applying Machin Learnining Algorithem For Search Engine With Opinion Mining Features
Alaa Hussein Al-Hamami and Suzan Shahrour, Amman Arab University
Text Datamining of English Books on Environmentlogy
Hiromi Ban1 and Takashi Oyabu2, 1Fukui University of Technology, Fukui, Japan and 2Kanazawa Seiryo University, Kanazawa, Japan
Developing a Novel Multidimensional Multi- Granularity Data Mining Approach for Discovering Association Rules
Johannes K. Chiang, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Developing a Knowledge Management Spiral for the Long-Term Preservation System on Semantic Grid
Johannes K. Chiang and Eric Yen, National Chengchi University,Taiwan
A Simple Process to Speed up Machine Learning Methods: Application to Hidden Markov Models
Khadoudja Ghanem, Mentouri University, Algeria